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I'm Kim Child, founder of the Natural Menopause Solution and Licensed Acupuncturist in the United Kingdom. I have been supporting women for years in practice.

Over time I realised there weren't many complimentary menopause health options for women to consider as an alternative or addition to HRT so I created a signature course to help women deal with one of the most common symptoms of the peri to pause journey: tiredness & exhaustion.

Chinese medicine can offer an immense amount of supportive actionable steps to achieve natural balance. 









Welcome to the support you have been searching for! Our quiz uncovers your 'type' of tiredness pattern which happens during perimenopause to menopause. 

Get a customised solution in five minutes!

This unique approach is based on the pearls of chinese medicine wisdom and modern lifestyle advice created by a Licensed Acupuncturist specialising in women's wellness.