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Based on the Pearls of Chinese Medicine Wisdom

Eat For Perimenopausal Balance

In this course you will go from feeling overwhelmed with tiredness and lack of choices to feeling in control of your menopausal journey. Experience energy levels you thought were not possible.

Before you learn about the program, let's talk about who the course was designed for...

  • You have always been interested in health solutions tailored to you, the one size fit all health approach isn’t going to do! You may have experienced some benefits of western medicine but you still feel tired as your hormones are shifting.
  • Suddenly encountered a health crisis with a medically induced menopause which has lead you to decline offers of HRT, you’re searching for a sustainable natural solution to restore post operative tiredness and hormone withdrawl.
  • Been tired for many years, but this next stage of perimenopause has knocked your confidence in ever regaining the energy you once felt many years earlier.
  • Always followed a preventative health approach throughout your life as you needed to ‘manage’ the energy you had available.
  • Your taking HRT, but still feel very tired.
  • Take every vitamin going but results have been minimal, learning about the different types of tiredness with our online quiz peeked your interest in learning more!
  • Have experienced the wonders of acupuncture first hand, now you want to learn some dietary therapy to support your wellness.


You know things need to change when...

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You're so tired of feeling TIRED.

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Nothing seems to
work to restore YOU.

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Your motivation

How can you help me? I'm always tired...

By the end of this program, you will have:

Obtained a deep understanding of your internal resources to restore your energy with the right foods.

Learned a step by step bespoke dietary wellness plan designed to shift your tiredness pattern forever.

Effortlessly create energy boosting meals tailored to your type.


Imagine how it would feel to...

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Feel like yourself again, but the supercharged version. Excited for the amazing future you always dreamed of!

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Challenge the constructs of the societal view of menopause. Join a group of like minded woman to redefine one of the most pivotal health spaces a woman ever experiences.

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Deeply tune into the knowledge of your body to provide the tools to manage, maintain and restore your energy for years to come!

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Eat For Balance & Energy!


Eat For Energy

A Digital Course For A Balanced Perimenopause

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A one of a kind digital course to learn a natural food system to regain your energy for years to come.



The results speak for themselves...

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"I experienced some really strong symptoms during the start of my perimenopause (49). I thought these issues were something I had to live with. But after taking the course I realised there were so many ways to manage & calm my insomnia, tiredness and food cravings. Kim is wonderful teacher, I loved this course. "

Janine C

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"I have experienced tiredness from the time my children were born. I really felt like I didn’t have many options. I was amazed at how some of the dietary suggestions actually worked! Taking the course was a no brainer, it's well priced for the massive value you get. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to learn."

Sharon W.

Ready to stop feeling sooo tired?



Here's what your going to learn...

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Stage One

Identify Your Type

A detailed look at each type of tiredness

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Fine tune your specific type of tiredness with this lesson to prepare for the upcoming dietary modules.
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Stage Two

The Art Of Eating

Healthy Digestion = Amazing Energy

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Why the digestive system is the root to better energy.
  • Eat clean, what is the correct portion size & mindful eating.
  • The science behind tiredness & antibiotics.
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Stage Three

Food is Medicine

Chinese Dietary Therapy

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • The energetic qualities of food & drink.
  • Plant based foods & top 5 research based suppliments to help you.
  • Specific food & drink which impact your energy levels.
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Stage Four

Bespoke Dietary Advice for Your Type

Top Tips for You

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Learn about beneficial foods, cooking styles & foods to avoid. Support is provided in lessons and a guide for each type.
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Bespoke Lifestyle Advice for Your Type

More Support to Restore Energy

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Tailored advice to tackle the most important details of your pattern. Support is provided in lessons and a guide for each type.
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Chinese Medicine 101

The Key Principles

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • What is qi, yin, yang & blood?
  • Learn about your 'energy bank account’ to create a profound transformation.

Want to Learn a Bit More?

A quick intro to the course.

I'm Ready For More Energy


You're also going to get access to:

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BONUS: Foundations of Chinese Medicine AND Bespoke Lifestyle Advice for Your Type

These modules provide you with information to deepen your understanding of eating for energy.

Value = £39.99

Ready to grab £39.99 in bonuses?

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"I was a little hesitant about chinese medicine and what it could actually do to help my exhaustion. But once I was walked through the concepts of the ‘tiredness types’ it really made sense! I was surprised at how impactful the lessons were on my symptoms. I came away from the course with a deeper undertsanding of how to eat for my energy levels. Can’t recommend it enough to all my friends."

Jessica L

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"Wow! I have never taken an online course before, but my symptoms were getting worse over the pandemic and there wasn’t much I could do! I initially took the menopause tiredness quiz and was intrigued. Kim walks you through the steps with so many practical solutions about what & how to eat. I also like that I can go back to the material again when I feel in need a boost."

Frances C


Here's what you get:

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Access to Eat For Perimenopausal Balance
(value = £79.99)
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Lifetime acess to the course material with updates!
(value = £199)

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TWO BONUS modules to support the core stages.
(value = £39.99)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of £319,

but you can enrol today for the amazing value of £39.99!

Eat For Energy | A Digital Resource For Perimenopause


One Time Payment

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Hello there, I'm Kim Child.

Founder of the Natural Menopause Solution & Licensed Acupuncturist . Over years of supporting women in private practice I realised there weren’t many complimentary health solutions for perimenopause.

Whether your on HRT or focusing on a natural solution Eat For Energy is a great solution to regain your energy.

I invite you to join me to re-discover amazing energy levels for the most pivotal health stage in your life.


You should give Eat For Energy a try if you’re moved by any of the following:

Find a greater sense of intuition in your body, mind and spirit.

Shift from fear & loathing of menopause to self love empowerment.

Re discover your passion for life because now you have the energy to follow your dreams.

Explore a self care routine to strengthen your digestive system, create new meals and understand what foods are suited to your type of pattern.

You simply feel the inner yes to do the course.

Recognise you have cared deeply for others but not yourself, this might culminate in array of emotions when you feel exhausted and un-inspired each day.

You realise the only wealth is health. It’s not too late, you can restore your energy.


Frequently Asked Questions

No questions! I'm ready for this!

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I can't wait to welcome you!

If you have never experienced the world of chinese medicine it may seem a bit too alternative or just really hard to grasp the concepts.

But the amazing fact is…

Chinese medicine offers a vast catalogue of advice for every stage of a woman’s life. Eat For Energy is specifically created to provide a natural solution to restore your energy with straightforward concepts & advice.

Create the space to support YOU, if you don’t who will?

I look forward to seeing you in Eat For Energy.

xx Kim


To have a zen midlife?

Eat For Energy | A Digital Resource For Perimenopause


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