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  • You have taken the tiredness quiz. You have a few more questions about the chinese medicine thing.
  • Your looking for any natural solution out there to avoid HRT.
  • Your tired of feeling tired.
  • You have 15 minutes to spare to learn quality information for YOU.
  • You prefer a bespoke solution, no one size fit all for you.
  • You have never taken a digital course, but you want to see if this is a platform you might consider in the future.

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You know what type of perimenopause tiredness you have! Great, in under fifteen minutes learn five tips to support your energy.

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What will I learn?

  • Easy to use chinese medicine theories for your tiredness type.
  • Superfoods to boost your energy.
  • A self care tip to transform your tiredness to a consistent sustainable level of energy.
  • An acupressure point to help you elevate.
  • An affirmation to boost your spirit. (they really do work) x
  • A crystal choice to shift your tiredness pattern. (amazing!)

You may have landed on this page and wondered what the heck we're talking about!

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Your Guide

Hi I'm Kim Child, founder of the Natural Menopause Solution and Licensed Acupuncturist. Over the years of working with women I realised there weren't any chinese medicine solutions for perimenopause & menopause. 

Chinese medicine can offer an immense amount of supportive actionable steps to achieve natural balance when health can change rapidly with hormone fluctuations & life's pressures. Read more...